marekp1871  30.06.2020, 19:50 | #359020
Moje dnes vložené tipy do štatistík:
Gorica - Hajduk Split | 1 | 3 | 6/10 (Futbal 30.06.2020)

  slaven 30.06.2020, 19:57 | #653969
  co sa dohodli? na 1ku to ide dole, dole ...
zo srandy skusim over 2,5 - dost golov tam pada medzi nimi **22
  slaven 30.06.2020, 19:58 | #653970 F3ACjPBANXuxUjSSg%3D%3D
  marekp1871 30.06.2020, 20:00 | #653971
  Hajduk na to už .....? Tak nebudou hrát komplet **22 nám a i **25
  slaven 30.06.2020, 20:05 | #653973
  Hajduk nechce ist do LM? staci mu EL?
  marekp1871 30.06.2020, 20:06 | #653974
  Asi hej**28
  marekp1871 30.06.2020, 20:11 | #653975 ici-/12812
  slaven 30.06.2020, 20:30 | #653976
  ano, dost vela hracov mimo ... uvidime vecer **26
  coyotitko 30.06.2020, 20:40 | #653977
  Gorica has no big chances for EL places, but for them first Croatian league is still challenge big enough to play with motivation every game, and Hajduk is big name so I do not suspect that they will be more relaxex that they should be. They have well organized, phisically powerfull team that has upseted favourites many times in last seasons. Lovric and Ndiaye are skillfull players that makes difference, and the rest of team is solid at most. Important thing is that Hajduk has not yet won in Gorica in four attempts. Gorica won 3 and there was a draw once. More important situation for this bet is situation in Hajduk. Today they will miss 7 players. (Jairo, Caktas, Juric, Dimitrov, Simic, Mujakic and Hamza) Main problem is that Caktas and Jairo are in a way Lovric and Ndiaye in Gorica. Skillfull players that makes difference. Without them Hajduk lacks creativity to uppset organized defence for sure. Other thing is atmosfere in Split which is crazy as usuall, and the presure is impossible to cope with after bad Hajduk presentations after break. Many youngsters in Hajduk team has a huge problem to handle, and they are making mistakes that makes things even worse. Without Caktas especially, they will have to take responsibility, and I am seriously doubt that they will be able to in this circumstances.
  coyotitko 30.06.2020, 20:40 | #653978
  chorváti hraju aj -1 na goricu
  Ciernokoseliar 30.06.2020, 20:41 | #653979
  zaš tu coškaj po rakusky piše**11
  Waldo1 30.06.2020, 22:14 | #653986
  Vyborny tip dik za inspiraciu