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Kwon S. vs Gunneswaran P.

06.02.2020 / autor:  silverwolfs
analýza -> Šport: Tenis | Zobrazení: 628 x | Počet komentárov 2x | Pridané: 06.02.2020, 10:06

ATP - DVOJHRY: Pune (India), tvrdý povrch - Osemfinále , 06.02.2020 12:30

Kwon Soon Woo

Country: South Korea
Age: 22 (2. 12. 1997)
Current/Highest rank - singles: 88. / 81.
Current/Highest rank - doubles: 265. / 265.
Sex: man
Plays: right

Posledných 10 zápasov na tvrdom povrchu Kwon S.

21.01.20 AO Basilashvili N. (Geo) Kwon S. (Kor) 3 : 2  
15.01.20 KOO Čilič M. (Cro) Kwon S. (Kor) 2 : 1  
14.01.20 KOO Raonič M. (Can) Kwon S. (Kor) 2 : 0  
11.01.20 CAN Kwon S. (Kor) Donskoy E. (Rus) 1 : 2  
09.01.20 CAN Kwon S. (Kor) Bourchier H. (Aus) 2 : 0  
08.01.20 CAN Kwon S. (Kor) Maden Y. (Ger) 2 : 0  
31.10.19 SHE Kwon S. (Kor) Safwat M. (Egy) 0 : 2  
29.10.19 SHE Kwon S. (Kor) Lee D. H. (Kor) 2 : 0  
20.10.19 BAS Popyrin Al. (Aus) Kwon S. (Kor) 2 : 1  
19.10.19 BAS Huesler M. (Sui) Kwon S. (Kor) 1 : 2

6x prehra ( súper v atp poradie 27,37,32, 109, 157, 99 a 4x  výhra nad (305,131,221,289)

Gunneswaran Prajnesh

Country: India
Age: 30 (12. 11. 1989)
Current/Highest rank - singles: 122. / 75.
Current/Highest rank - doubles: 959. / 248.
Sex: man
Plays: left

Posledných 10 zápasov na tvrdom povrchu Gunneswaran P.

04.02.20 PUN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Maden Y. (Ger) 2 : 0  
21.01.20 AO Ito T. (Jpn) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 3 : 0  
17.01.20 AO Gulbis E. (Lat) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 2 : 0  
16.01.20 AO Hanfmann Y. (Ger) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 1 : 2  
14.01.20 AO Bourchier H. (Aus) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 0 : 2  
07.01.20 CAN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Daniel T. (Jpn) 0 : 2  
06.01.20 CAN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Kubler J. (Aus) 2 : 0  
14.11.19 PUN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Van Rijthoven T. (Ned) 1 : 2  
13.11.19 PUN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Sood Ch. (Ind) 2 : 0  
24.10.19 LIU Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Wu Tung-Lin (Tpe) -

5x prehra (144,178,102,297, 223) a 5x výhra (131,147, 305,232,1304)


Vzájomné zápasy na trvdom povrchu

23.07.19 ATL Kwon S. (Kor) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 2 : 1
21.02.19 BAN Gunneswaran P. (Ind) Kwon S. (Kor) 2 : 0
23.11.16 AST Kwon S. (Kor) Gunneswaran P. (Ind) 1 : 2

2:1 pre Gunneswarana

P.s. KWON je turnajová 4ka.

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Ešte som našie menšie prewiew aj tu :

Prajnesh Gunneswaran cleared a tricky test against Yannick Maden and secured his berth in the second round of ATP Pune much to the delight of the home fans. The Indian faced three breakpoints on his serve and could create only one on the German's serve; however, serving big on key moments helped him overcome this tricky challenge, 7-6 7-6.
It was the top-ranked Indian's first main draw win in Pune as his previous two campaigns here in 2018 and 2019 ended in the qualifying stages and first round, respectively.
Prajnesh Gunneswaran has done well in Pune Challenger over the years as he finished as the runner-up twice in 2016 and 2018, but his most recent campaign there ended in the round of 16 against Tim Van Rijthoven in November 2019.
The 30-year-old Prajnesh Gunneswaran had his breakthrough season on the main tour in 2018 and reached as high as #75 in the ATP World Rankings, but he is yet to make a quarterfinal appearance at this level.
Soon Woo Kwon failed in the qualifying stages of ATP Pune during his only previous appearance in 2018, but he is now seeded #4 and given a bye in the first round, thanks to delivering some excellent results on the main tour in 2019 and the eventual rise in rankings.
On Thursday, the fourth seed will look to snap his four-match losing streak (at all levels) and get back to the winning ways. He has gone 2/4 so far in 2020 and has managed to nick a set during three of those four losses.
After showcasing his ability and talent on the challenger circuits over the last few years, the South Korean finally made a step up in 2020 as he impressed against Karen Khachanov in Wimbledon, registered his first-ever main draw win on the main tour in Atlanta and later made his maiden quarterfinal appearance in Los Cabos.
Soon Woo Kwon is the better player of these two, and he deservedly starts as the favorite. However, Prajnesh Gunneswaran (leads H2H 4-1) is expected to get a lot of support in Pune — only Indian left in the draw — which gives him the slight edge in this battle for a place in the quarterfinal.

Dnes číňanko porazí indiána a pôjde ďalej . GL hrá  sa už 12:30.

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